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There are so many different types of credit scores available it can be confusing. Which one is the most accurate? Which one does my lender use? What is a fico score and is it important to my situation?

Banks use FICO scores

Chances are that your bank, lender or creditor is using a FICO Score. 9 out of 10 banks use the FICO scoring system. FICO scores are the scores that matter the most. 

What about the other credit scores? Are they important too?

There are many other brands of credit scores available to consumers. Most of them are completely irrelevant because the banks don't use them. 

What is FICO

FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation. The whole concept of the credit scoring system was developed by Bill Fair and Earl Isaac. Their credit scoring system has come to completely revolutionize the way banking is done. the FICO product dominates the industry. 

What you need to know about FICO scores

The FICO scoring system is not a rewards based system. You do not earn credit score points by paying off your debts. It is a system designed to measure your ability to manage the debts that you have open right now. Your credit score is built upon the value of your open and active accounts. Each account adds value to your scores based on it's payment history, balance, length of history and account type. Closed accounts add zero value to your scores. 

Best Advice for Excellent Scores

If you want 720+ FICO scores, don't focus on paying off debts, focus on maintaining longstanding accounts. Keep a handful of revolving accounts open for life. Keep the balances low and use the accounts once or twice per year. Never close these accounts. This is the secret to having excellent scores.  


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