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Rapid ReScore in 5-7 day

Rapid ReScoring takes 3-5 business days

Once you send us the documentation from the creditor showing the information that you want rapid rescored, we process the request immediately. From that point, it takes a full 3-5 business days for your credit report and scores to be updated.

In order to make sure that rapid rescore will work according to plan, you need to supply the correct documentation. 

The correct documentation consists of a document from the creditor explicitly stating the information that needs to be updated.

Acceptable documents:

Letter from Creditor
Statement from Creditor
Court Document
Letter from Attorney representing the creditor

Inacceptable documents:

Internet document
Letter of Explanation
Letter your Attorney

Once you fax the documents to use we will immediately process your request. If you fax the document before 3:00 pm PST, we will process your request the very same day. Your credit report should be updated and your credit scores increased within 3-5 business days.

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If you would like to speak with a credit expert about how we can help you increase your credit scores fast, please call us at (866) 692-1981 or (click here).


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Rapid Rescore in 5-7 days 
"I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank EZ Credit Repair. I can tell you I was very skeptical at the beginning, I thought this was money lost. I thought I'd pay the fee and never see results but I was in a situation, kinda in dire straits, I really didn't have another option. EZ Credit Repair was very responsive,  very pro-active, after a few short months, my credit score moved from a 540 up to almost 700. It was extremely effective and I'm extremely pleased. Thank you very much."

C Cooper

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